Out of the cage
I am flying into the Golden Age
Deeply grounded dancing on the bridge
My whole body on a high voltage

When I listen inside
I feel I am alright
I am the light
Showing others a way
You can chose to follow everyday

Instead of consuming and buying things I don’t need
I focus on values that nourish me and feed
I cultivate connection with me and my friend
That’s what will finally count at the end

I have learned to create love, peace and joy
And I feel my mission is to be this envoy
So I bloom even more day by day
no matter what others try and say

In any experience the lecture I find
And the blessing it hides inside and behind
That’s the secret, the magic of me,
of any human being, you see!

I let love vibration uplift every cell
Raising my consciousness that says all is going well
I am expanding and growing everyday
Like fluid water my Soul finds her way

To get out of the cage is only up to me
freedom is there, it’s already waiting for thee!
Maybe still hidden inside
So open your inside eyes wide!

You are much bigger, much wider you know
Trust the process and go!
I know it needs courage for the shift and the leap
but whenever I trusted I received the reap

Abundance is waiting
we all have the gift of creating!

Deep down in our dreams there we will meet
We all are open to see each others need
Maybe we discover we all have the same
We connect our hearts losing our fear, guilt and shame

On the bridge we will meet to dance and to sing
Curious what the new time will bring
We are breathing and celebrating this unique life
then we move on ~ Golden Age thrive!

~ Elisabeth Cartellieri ~ Göttin auf Erden ~

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